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Oud and Bergamot Candle – 15cm

The perfect complementarydecor for any contemporaryinterior within the home.This soy candle jar will surely bring a classy touch. Featuringa sleek textured jar, finished in a chic blue tone, completed with a bead and luscious oud& bergamot scented candle


  • Soy Candle
  • Oud & Bergamot
  • Complementary Bead
  • W8 x D8 xH12cm
  • Blue FInish
Image: 139030054_492815492116680_572623513333196335_n
Oud and Bergamot Diffuser

The perfect complementary decor for any contemporary interior within the home. This diffuser will surely bring a classy touch.

£5.00 £9.00
Blue Leaf Oil Burner

Ceramic Blue Overglazed Leaf Design Body Oil Burner, with Silver ceramic dish, and built in electric heating element.
This Stylish Aroma Oil Burner can be used with your favourite essential oils or wax melts to fill your home with soothing fragrances, Please note wax melts and oils are not included but the Aroma Oil burner will use all well known brands.
This Oil Burner comes in a beautiful gift box, with clear instructions on how to use and is fitted with a UK Mains 3 pin plug.
11cm x 11cm x 14cm Tall.

£9.00 £18.00
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